Photography In Pressure Cleaning & Painting

Cataloging the Difference that Paint and Pressure Cleaning Can Make

What we're all about

Our blog covers a wide variety of different projects that some painters across the united states have accomplished. We feel the urge to bring light to these amazing workers, who often transform our properties without the recognifition that they deserve. 

A little filth shouldn’t be enough to completley cover the potential of homes, roofs, drivewways, or complexes. Pressure cleaning is a great option to reinvigorate properties. 

Giving a second life to buildings and properties that have been otherwise neglected. Sometimes, there’s beauty in areas that we have completely neglected. 

This painting and pressure cleaning blog is a work of passion- something that I do simply to highlight the beautiful events that I have witnessed doing something that many people wouldn’t necessarily classify as “Art”. 

A Little About Me

I started this project as a former painter myself. I got into photography while I was deep in the weeds of the painting business, and I realized how happy people would get when we finished their homes. 

Something as simple as a light pressure cleaning or a complete repaint of their home had the potential to completely reinvigorate these people and make them feel like they had just moved into a new home. 

I loved the experience so much, that I started to capture many of these different events and instances myself. Eventually, I retired from the painting business and decided to dedicate myself to the art completely. 

John Bullsaysi