About us

Why I started this project

John Bullsaysi

When you think about art, one of the last things that you might think of is the work that everyday contractors use. However, that perspective is exactly the outlook that I have while I’m making this blog. 

As the son of a painter, I was raised around my father’s work. I understood that while many of his clients were just looking to get a job done, some of them were actually looking towards my dad to make their homes feel much homier. They wanted someone to come in, and do the work necessary to breathe some new life into the buildings and properties that they’ve owned for years. Many times, these same people would find themselves shocked by how much “hidden” value was in these homes that they had just forgotten about.

That’s where this project came from. My passion to make sure that after years of work, my father could finally get some recognition for the work that he has done thus far. 

We look forward to your stay.

John Bullsaysi