How Much Does Pressure Cleaning Cost?

When it comes to pressure cleaning, the first thing that everyone wants to know is “ how much is that going to cost me?”. 


Most people don’t want to pay a professional to do a pressure cleaning job because they assume that they can just easily take care of it themselves. 


In many cases, this can be so, but at times there are more complicated cleans that require either additional manpower or additional knowledge and experience. 


For example, pressure cleaning a roof is much harder and much different than pressure cleaning your driveway. Or, even a driveway can get much more complicated if you have any mold growth or if you have pavers that are held in place by sand. 


In many cases, a wrong approach to a pressure cleaning job can cause hundreds of dollars of damage and turn what was supposed to be a 3-hour job into a 2-week headache. 


With that being said, let’s cover the different variables to take into account when trying to estimate the cost of your pressure cleaning. 

  • The volume of area to be cleaned. This one should be pretty straightforward. In general, the more that has to be cleaned, the more the job is going to cost. For a standard 2 car driveway, you can expect to pay anywhere between 150-300 dollars. However, for something more complicated like pressure cleaning your roof, home, and patio, the price could vary greatly. 
  • If you’re pressure cleaning your roof, consider slope. Pressure washing a roof can be one of the most dangerous cleaning jobs there are, sometimes even more dangerous with tall-building window cleaning. With that being said, you can’t expect a steep roof with many drops, or sharp drops, to be charged the same way that a flat roof would be. 
  • Is there bleach or hard grime? More difficult stains can require the use of light bleach or even anti-mildew chemicals. If you’re planning on getting a job that’s well done, these chemicals, especially bleach, will often be necessary for properties that have gone years without cleaning. The cost here goes up, again, depending on the volume of the job and how much additional material will be necessary. 
  • For commercial jobs, does it have to be overnight? Some larger, commercial jobs require that all cleaning and maintenance be done overnight when no customers are present. These jobs are going to be a bit more expensive than jobs that are done during normal hours. 

Those are the main things you have to keep in mind when considering how much your pressure cleaning job will cost. 


Otherwise, I highly recommend asking for a free quote if you’re interested in getting a more accurate quote for the pressure cleaning job. 


A general rule of thumb to consider is that the average pressure cleaning job will be charged between $60 and $100 dollars an hour (according to So you can do a decent job of estimating your project and how long it’ll take for a professional to handle it, and get a solid grasp of the price this way. 


For easier jobs, like driveways, sidewalks, and patios you can expect to be somewhere closer to the 60 dollars an hour mark. Meanwhile, harder jobs like steep roofs and intense, chemically dependent washes being a little closer to the $100 dollar an hour mark.

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