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About Me


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      Benn Marshall


I’ve been in Miami painting for the last 25 years, and I have seen everything that there is to see when it comes to painting. Over the years, I have realized that there is a massive need to bring light to the positivity and beauty that comes with a brand new painted property. That was my drive when I decided to take on this project. 


I want to bring the beauty that I have seen over the years and put it into photo form. Not only that, I want to bring to some of the amazing contractors that work hard every day to bring all of these beautiful projects to light. 


As a culture, it’s often that we take these kinds of things for granted and I wanted to make sure that we don’t do this anymore. Finding beauty in the little things that we take for granted so often is a great way to feel happier and enjoy life in general. 


My Background as a Painter

As I mentioned earlier, I worked in South Miami for many years as a painter. I was thankful and lucky enough to be brought in under the wing of a lifelong painting contractor, Jorge, and his painting company Picazzo Painting Corp. I worked with him for many years, and he taught me the ropes of everything painting and pressure cleaning. After a couple of years working with him, my passion that became this blog grew, and eventually, I started to pursue this blog much more full-time. I worked for him as a painter and project manager, often overseeing projects with teams of more than 5 men from small residential projects to large commercial projects. Recently he has specialized more in roof cleaning, so if you’re looking for roof cleaning in Miami, then Picazzo painting and pressure cleaning is a great company to reach out to.